April 25, 2018

Decorative Tile by Van Briggle

These tile pieces are owned by a Van Briggle collector.  When assembled, they form two ends and one long side of a rectangle, as though they were designed to surround a hearth, or some similar design.

Once again, Fred Wills (Van Briggle potter from 1947 – 1988) confirmed that they are Van Briggle, and were created by Clem Hull in the 1950-1960s period.

On page 239 of the book Van Briggle Notes, two photos are shown of fireplaces created by Fred Wills and Clem Hull for the pottery owner, J.H. Lewis.  We do not know if these tile pieces have any correlation to those two double-sided fireplaces.  Both seem to have been created at approximately the same time, and both at least in part by Clem Hull.

Any VB collectors out there who have seen more of these?

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