May 20, 2024


1900:  Artus produced a few pieces dated 1900, most of which were while we was living at Chico Basin Ranch.  A few were given by Artus to his closest friends.   Robert Wyman Newton has drawn a picture from photo of one of these earliest pieces.  The handwriting was definitely that of Artus Van Briggle.

1901:  Only 300 pieces were offered for the first open house & sale of pottery on the weekend of December 7, 1901, at VBPCo located then at 617 N. Nevada Ave., Colorado Springs.

Vase was sprayed with Brown Glaze; with an over spray of Green added; inside is Clear Glaze, and both Brown & Green over Spray visible around the inside rim.

Typical bottom markings of the inscribed Double-A, Van Briggle, date of 1901, and Roman Numeral II for clay type;  all in handwriting attributed to Artus Van Briggle.

No Design numbers were yet inscribed.  The inscribed “70” was later learned to be a kiln or production number, as it was on many different 1901 designs! 

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