April 11, 2021

First 900+ Designs


Design #1, Chalice or Toast Cup, a female stylized figure

Designed in 1900 by Artus Van Briggle

Photo from private collection, 1902 example

I’m building a catalog of actual photos of each of the first 900 designs, attributed to development between 1900 and 1912.  Hopefully, this will be an opportunity for collectors to share photos of their favorite pieces, with dimensions noted, and photo credit given as each individual prefers.  A few of the “previously unrecorded” first 900 design numbers are pictured in the book Van Briggle Notes; however, there are many more yet to be documented.  Actual dimensions for each piece will be helpful in documenting the previously unrecorded designs, as well as dimension change of the same design throughout the production years.  This will be a lot of work, and need a lot of participation among collectors!


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