April 25, 2024

Jeff Stevenson: VB Glazes 1969-1988

“NEW” Numbers & Designs by 1950s

Many new designs were introduced, and a few of the Original 953 Designs, created 1900-1912, were still produced – although many of the originals had their Design Numbers reassigned from the original 1900-1912 listing! Some confusion among collectors of the earlier designs, and the later design numbers still exists.

New potters were employed; including Nelson Curtis, Clem Hull, William Higman, Gene Hopkins, Otis & Fred Wills, Nellie Walker and….Craig Stevenson. As new items were added to production, many of the original 953 designs were discontinued.

Jeff Stevenson has encapsulated much of the mid-century activity in this informative article, included below in its entirety. As the article outlines; Jeff was the creator of many of the new glaze formulas – and to him we owe a deep debt of gratitude.

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