May 24, 2024

Date Marks

Information on dating Van Briggle was written by Robert Wyman Newton for his Catalogue of Van Briggle Designs; and as a co-author of A Collector’s Guide to Van Briggle Pottery.  Robert graciously permitted me to utilize his information in my book.  This is information which you can categorize by using your own pottery pieces.

Remember; every single piece that was made by VBPCo was marked.  Except for the exceptions!  I have found exceptions to nearly every guideline established; so keep that in mind!  

#310 with no markings.  One of my favorites!  Purchased from the collector who bought it in the clean-out of the Memorial Pottery when the building was sold to Colorado College in 1968.  









1908 ” Lizard” private collection
1909 Van Briggle Ship Tile in Blues, 6 x 6″
Ram’s Head Tile, made by J. Emma Kinkead, dated 1910: Photo Courtesy of the Gress Family
Have never seen a 1911: This VB sold as 1911, but is instead a 1914 with the “4” written sideways, dropping off the right
VB #244 Climbing Bears, dated 1912 to the right of the Double-A
Native American Plaque/Paperweight, Inscribed & Dated 1913. Unglazed: 1 of 3 “faces” from 3-Chief Indian Vase. Hands belong to my 8 year old granddaughter. We have let them handle the pottery since at least the age of two! I am the only culprit who has broken VB.
1914 #670, handwriting attributed to Edmund deForest (Ned) Curtis
1915 #854, handwriting to Ned Curtis
1915, #848, with the Design #848 above and the date 1915 below the Double-A
Bunny by J. Emma Kinkead, who recorded that the first bunny was made in 1916
1916 date mark stamped on #645 with “19” & “16” on alternate sides of the Double-A.
1917 Dragonfly Bookends. Original price sticker of $4.00
1918, #16 Dos Cabezas in mulberry glaze
1919 Eagle Plaque given members of the WWI Colo. Spgs. Reserve Watch. Story also on this website.
1920 #503, inscribed ’20 & Van Briggle

1921 Van Briggle – no example to photograph

1922 Candlestick signed by Hutchinson

1923 – No example to photograph

1924 Original by Ambrose Schlegel. Photo courtesy of Steve Splittgerber

Unaware of any other dates used, except a very rare hand-signed piece; until the 1933 pieces for the World’s Fair and production & original pieces in 1984 and 1985.

Native American plaque/paperweight covered with a bark-looking material for the 1933 World’s Fair. Van Briggle Pottery had a display booth, and also a sales display where this shape, the #645 and a few others were sold with this added texture.
1984, #684 with top trimmed..
1985 Original by Craig Stevenson

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