May 20, 2024

Lavender Shades


Early Van Briggle literature recorded both Light & Dark shades of Lavender. More shades than just light & dark lavender were produced, as shown. There is no early literature with color samples to show exact glaze names.

Back Row: Petite Calla Lily, V4 (2004) Gray with Plum; #201, 1903;
Plum, 01 (2011)
Front Row: #688 Gray with Plum Overspray, V4 (2004); #477, 1906;

#187, 1916 Gray & Purple

The 2004 butterfly bowl bears a glaze resemblance in glaze colors to the 1916, except the 1916 has the gray and purple glazes divided horizontally on both sides of this crocus vase.

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