June 16, 2021

2000-2011 Date Codes, Special Kiln & CFE Markings

Van Briggle Dating Code was introduced in the Centennial year of 2000; which would have provided a dating code from 2000 – 2100. The 10 letters of V A N B R I G G L E were to be used with 10 numbers each. Example:

V0 was code for 2000; V1 for 2001; V2 for 2002; V3 for 2003; V4 for 2004; V5 for 2005; V6 for 2006; V7 for 2007; V8 for 2008, V9 for 2009

A0 was code for 2010; A1 for 2011, when the last office kiln at Tejon St. was fired.

There were a few Van Briggle pieces fired after the move from Tejon St. Those marked A2 would have been 2012; A3 would have been 2013 and the last of which I am aware were marked A4 for 2014.

In addition; there were special marks for the Van Briggle Centennial; VB100K for the Centennial Kiln pieces only and VB100* for the 1st three months of 2000 and VB100 for the remainder of the year of 2000.

VB 100 Limited Centennial Kiln
First 3 months of 2000
VB 100 (year of 2000)
K104 for the 2004 VB Symposium Kiln
K108 for the 2008 Symposium Kiln
VB Last Kiln 21st Street
First Firing, 2009 Tejon St.
May 2009, Grand Opening of Tejon Street, given to Mothers in Attendance
Last Firing Tejon St. 12-31-2011 & Firing Cone


CFE” Sleepy Frog Figurine

In 2005; Craig Stevenson introduced the Commemorative First Editions, for members of the Van Briggle Collector’s Society. Society members who wished to do so, could purchase a limited number of the First Edition pieces. The three new designs were the Classic Poppy Vase, the Dragonfly Bowl and the Sleepy Frog Figurine. All orders would be marked with the “CFE” Commemorative First Edition marks.