May 20, 2024

“1907-1912” marks w/o date

There has always been controversy over the use of nomenclature “1907-12” vs. “1908-11” to categorize pieces without the date, but containing the Double-A, Van Briggle, Colo. Spgs., design #, finisher marks on one or both sides of the Double-A, but no definitive date.

There are a few pieces dated 1907 and 1912, as shown in the 1907 to 1912 Menu examples. Authors before me, as well as the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, have used the standard phrase of “1907-12 markings.” I have repeated this, although would probably lean toward thinking 1908-11 might be more accurate.

Some inconsistencies may have resulted from the Memorial Pottery beginning construction in 1907, with completion & dedication on 12-3-1908. The first kiln of the Memorial Pottery was in May 1908. Tile for the construction of that pottery was produced in the 1900 Van Briggle pottery at 617 N. Nevada Ave. Perhaps some pieces were produced there and dated 1907; with other pieces produced at the Memorial Pottery not having the date.

Perhaps those produced in the kiln at the new Memorial Pottery were dated with the 1907-12 markings? Also, sometime in 1912; Anne Gregory Van Briggle Ritter was leaving the pottery. Perhaps pottery produced after her departure was dated again, starting in 1913. We will probably never know the rationale for the marking change.

“1907-12” or “1908-11” markings Design #678
Double-A, Van Briggle, Colo. Spgs., #678,
finisher #11 to left & #5 to right of Double-A Martha Patton design in 1907/08. Pink glaze with chartreuse over spray!

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