May 24, 2024

Van Briggle First Documented Records of 900+ Numbered Designs

First 900 Designs

First 900 Designs


Van Briggle Art Pottery Company, Inc

First Handwritten Records of Numbered Designs


This book contains reproductions of 90 pages found in the Van Briggle Art Pottery Archival Files. The handwritten records were in two parts: the first half of the records (Designs #3 – #511) were drawn on a linen-type material booklet.

The second half of the records (Designs #577 – #953)were recorded in pencil on lined, tablet paper. The paper was yellowed and crumbling from age.

Between the two sections was a listing entitled “Names of Designers” with each designer’s preferred initials to be used beside the recording of their designs. This section is thought to be dated between 1908 and 1912, as it lists Anne Van Briggle as “Mrs. A. G. Van Briggle Ritter” which would date after her remarriage to Etienne Ritter in 1908, and ends with the designs thought to have been produced prior to Anne’s departure from the company in 1912.

These records offer insight into the earliest recording of designs between 1900 and 1912. These papers were perhaps a resource for Robert Wyman Newton in compiling his “Catalogue of Van Briggle Designs” although they are not exactly the same. This booklet is not all-inclusive in designs #1-900, and also contain some contradictions to the Newton work. Newton’s work ends with Design #904. These records also include some of the designs through #953.

Of particular interest are several pages of candlestick designs; and 4 additional designs #950, 951, 952 & 953 which are attributed to Ambrose Schlegel. In Newton’s work, Ambrose Schlegel is credited with only one design, that of design #758.

This work is a must have for the serious Van Briggle collector and offers not only insight into the pottery’s early record keeping; but also is a wonderful recording of the original handwriting of at least two prominent persons within the company, who were entrusted to document the designs & designers.

These records were found in the Van Briggle Art Pottery Archival Files, and printed in a spiral-bound notebook with the permission of the pottery. They are for sale only through this source, and the Van Briggle Art Pottery, 1024 S. Tejon, Colo. Spgs., CO.

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