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GREENS: Early Van Briggle literature listed: Light Green, Lime Green, Medium Green, Dark Green & Olive Green

Some varieties of green glazes from 1901 through 1916.

Back row: 1901 Original Olive Green? (brown glaze, entirely over sprayed with green glaze); 1902 #85 Light Green; 1903 #238 Lime Green? with Red overspray; 1904 #49 Green 2-handled vase; 1905 #253, 16″.

Front row: 1906 #453, Green Glaze with Chocolate Clay showing through the high points; 1907, #660; 1906 #148; 1907-12 #622 Native Whirling Logs pattern; 1907-12 #684; Bunny, dated 1916; 1907-12, #644; 1907-12 #802; 1915 #848; 1915 Green & Blue. Center: #244 Climbing Bears, dated 1912

The fireplace tile in the background are also dark green Van Briggle tiles, accompanied with VB green glazed brick, from a 1910 home in Colo. Spgs.


The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Art Pottery by Richard Sasicki, states that the high gloss glaze color of Trout Lake Green was produced in 1955 and incised with the marks “Anna Van Briggle” until the color was discontinued sometime prior to 1968.

Photos Courtesy of John Feltes:

JADE GREEN GLOSS introduced in 1982

Jade Green Gloss Glaze, introduced 1982 by Jeff Stevenson

JADE GREEN GLOSS GLAZE introduced in 1982

Jeff Stevenson, son of the Van Briggle Pottery owners had worked at the factory, part-time and on Saturdays, since he was 13. Upon high school graduation, he attended Univ. of Missouri-Rolla, (now Missouri University of Science and Technology). After graduation in 1977, with a degree in Ceramic Engineering; he returned to work at VBPCo full-time and was responsible for glaze development, troubleshooting, and also shared general management responsibilities with his dad. He developed this glaze in 1982.

MOSSY GREEN GLAZE introduced in 2004

#688 K104 in Mossy Green
#688 Mossy Green, K104 base & also V4 (2004)

The 2004 Van Symposium final evening was a Gala held at the Van Briggle Pottery Roundhouse. A Silent Auction was held, and the high bidder on each piece was able to return home with a fantastic memento of the events. Participants were also able to “press” their own tile with the tile press. These tile were later glazed, fired and mailed to all who participated.

CELADON GLOSS GLAZE introduced July 1993

Celadon Gloss Glaze, #869, 13″ Dated VB100* which indicated it was produced the first three months in the Centennial year of 2000.

Celadon is a light green color with hints of gray and blue, popular in Chinese ceramics. It has been used to create an opulent, regal feel in designs.

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