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Dec. 7, 1901: Van Briggle Has Exhibit of Pottery

The Colorado Springs Gazette, on Dec. 8, 1901 announced that “Mr. A. Van Briggle who has lately established a pottery here, gave his first reception yesterday at 617 North Nevada, where a large collection of the beautiful vases was set out for the admiration of those who thronged the rooms. The collection included practically all […]

Van Briggle Glazes 1969-1988 by Jeff Stevenson, June 2021

Introduction1968 was an important year for the Van Briggle Pottery Company, as that was the year alloperations were consolidated at the 21st Street plant (located in the old Midland TerminalRailroad roundhouse) after the Memorial plant on Uintah Street was sold to Colorado College.The following year, 1969, was an important year for me personally, as it […]


Scan of p. 152, Van Briggle Notes. Souces were Colo.Spgs. Gazette, 9-14-1919 and “Roster of a Company RESERVE Watch, 8-20-1918 Disbanded: Gazette article, titled “RESERVED Watch Disband With Dinner at Club House” “Roster of a Company RESERVE Watch” includes 72 members & 9 on furlough or in service of USA. Related Images:

Sphinx Bookends!

Another advertisement in our book states the glazes of Orange, Copenhagen Blue & Green introduced in 1916. I have not seen Sphinx Bookends except in this advertisement. No design #. Dragonfly 12″ bowl is #912D; 8″ bowl is 903D. Vase, #838, is shown upside down! Acorn Bowl is design #670. Note the prices were not […]

March 1899 – Artus Van Briggle in Colorado Springs

Sometimes during any endeavor; it is helpful to step back, as though starting again, to see what you might have missed. There is rarely a day that someone does not contact us by text, IM, fb, email or phone with a question about Van Briggle Pottery. We love hearing from new VB enthusiasts! This is […]

DEEP SEA GLAZE, furnished by Natalie Unruh

Natalie Unruh furnished these photos from their collections. The bottom markings indicate the vase was produced in 2000. Dene Kiser was the glazier at that time for VBPCo. Although he refers to the glaze as Sea Green; VBPCo referred to it as DEEP SEA, as shown in the following brochure. It is a rich color […]

Undocumented Van Briggle shared by Steve Dana!

Steve Dana shared photos of this pottery, believed to be an undocumented early design by Van Briggle.  The height of the piece is 4 1/4″, the diameter at the opening 2 1/4″ and the interior has some wax which has not been removed.  The design size & shape is similar to #645, and the color […]


While Bob & I cannot attend this year; we strongly encourage everyone who can possibly do so, to attend. The 1908 Memorial Pottery building is unsurpassed, in my opinion, as a showplace of American Art Pottery & Tile in the United States.  The interior & exterior are covered with 5000+ vintage Van Briggle decorative as […]

Sat., Sept. 14, 2019 – V.B. 1908 Memorial Pottery Tours!

You could visit this magnificent building once in a lifetime, every year, or even every day and still leave in awe of its magnificence!  Then you are overwhelmed by the reality that it was created by the widow of  Artus Van Briggle, in his honor and memory. Save the Date! Saturday, September 14th 2019! 9am-3pm, […]

Van Briggle Brochure – post 1912

Van Briggle Original Brochure – post 1912  Why do we think so? This brochure was copied years ago in a slightly larger format, with a green cover; and sold on ebay.   It has been said to have been produced originally in 1907.  This cannot be the case:  (1) Design numbers are included that were not […]

LEARN MORE WITH AN X-RAY! Exquisite #204 details…

  Courtesy of Brian Goldenman:  These are photos of his newly acquired Design #204, dated 1903.   Due to the bottom glaze partially obscuring the marks of this piece; Brian chose to have an x-ray taken.  The Double-A, Van Briggle, date of 1903 & Roman Numeral III clay type; are all clearly visible in the handwriting attributed […]

“PLAIN” Designs by Ambrose Schlegel…anything but PLAIN!

Early “Plain” Designs attributed to Ambrose Schlegel Collection & Photo Courtesy of  Malcolm MacFarlane L to R:  Original signed by A. Schlegel, Mulberry glaze; #83 previously undocumented, Dark Green matte glaze, 1902, 4.75″ height; #426, 1905,  Green matte curdled glaze, 9″ height, dark clay; #416 Mustard matte glaze with Green over spray around the top, 1905, […]

Van Briggle Pottery Festival, Sept. 15, 2018

Van Briggle Pottery Festival & Tour –  Sept 15, 2018 – 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 1125 Glen Avenue, Colorado Springs One-hour walking tours begin every 20 minutes, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tours are $15, & free for children under 14 who are accompanied by an adult. Dedicated on 12-3-1908 by Anne Van Briggle, in memory […]

Van Briggle TURTLE, FLOWER FROG, dated 1915!!

      Just when you think you have seen everything!  A “lovely” turtle, in Van Briggle green glaze, dated 1915.  You have to wonder how many of these were produced.  J. Emma Kinkead designed most of the animal bookends; and I would think first of her as being the designer of the turtle too!  […]

May 19, 1908 – 110 years ago!

The Colorado Springs Gazette stated, “The first kiln of the Van Briggle Pottery was drawn & reported very successful.  More than 600 pieces were in the first kiln.”     Page 143, Van Briggle Notes & More The kilns at the 1908 Memorial Pottery were in use from May 19, 1908; however, the official Dedication of […]

Collector Shares a V.B. Treasure!!

Stanley Goff recently posted on facebook, photos of a very handsome LION statue, in what appears to be the Van Briggle turquoise glaze.  That post set the Van Briggle facebook group on fire!! Stanley obtained the piece several years ago from an Ohio antique mall.  The piece is 10″ x 4″ x 6.75″ height.  The […]

The Official Guide to Dating & Identification of Van Briggle Pottery

Reprinted with permission of Brittany Stevenson, Van Briggle Art Pottery Co., Inc., copyright 2005 for the benefit of all Van Briggle Collectors! CLICK ON ANY PAGE TO ENLARGE Related Images:

Official Guide to Dating & ID of Van Briggle Pottery

Much appreciation to Brittany Stevenson & Van Briggle Art Pottery Co., Inc.  in permitting the reprint of this official guide, copyrighted in 2005; for the benefit of all collectors!!        Related Images:

Fred Wills, VB Master Potter

A Dedication of Memorial Plaque to Fred Wills was installed on Sept 9, 2017.  It was placed on the wall of Anne Van Briggle’s Studio in the Memorial Pottery building. Fred began his career at this same location in 1947, having been recommended by his uncle, Otis Wills. Fred learned from Clem Hull, how to […]

1908 Van Briggle Memorial Pottery Tour 9-9-17

Annual Tour by Colorado College The Van Briggle Memorial Pottery was dedicated 12-3-1908, built in the memory of Artus Van Briggle, by his wife Anne.  Located at Uintah & Glen in Colorado Springs, the magnificent building is covered inside and out with over 5000 hand-made tile. Van Briggle Pottery Co. owned and operated the building […]