July 29, 2021

The Official Guide to Dating & Identification of Van Briggle Pottery

Reprinted with permission of Brittany Stevenson,

Van Briggle Art Pottery Co., Inc., copyright 2005

for the benefit of all Van Briggle Collectors!



  1. Jon Thompson says

    I have a Van Briggle piece with a ” KF ” initials on the bottom along with the word original. Would you know who would have made that?

    • It is not in the Official Guide to Dating & Identification of Van Briggle Pottery.

      • Jeff Stevenson says

        Kent Fraser. I worked with him at VB from the late 1960’s until the late 1970’s (my dad owned the place, and from the late 70s until 1988, I was general manager and chief ceramist.) Kent was a good potter, and more importantly, a really nice guy.

        Jeff Stevenson

  2. I have a Lorelei in turquoise that says V8 CC2 on the bottom. I don’t see those initials in the book notes above. Can you help me?

    • CC was the etcher mark for Candy Curtis, who worked at the pottery until its close. She has since passed away from cancer. She did very fine detailing, and had distinctive handwriting.

  3. Daniel Erickson says

    I am a realtor in Colorado Springs and may be listing a house on N. Custer. I think that it may have a Van Briggle fireplace. How can I know for sure?

    • If you would like to send a photo, perhaps I could help. The date the home was built is also important. VBPCo made many decorative tile prior to 1930s for fireplaces. Most have been documented. Otherwise, plain “field” tile would be difficult to definitively ID. They have a distinctive back pattern, and V.B. or VBPCo. on most of them – but not all!!! I would gladly tell you if I have ever seen the tile pattern or color.

  4. Scott Slaughterbeck says

    I would love a copy of this book. Are they available?

    • Happy to hear you received one! I have no more. CSPM was the only other outlet for my books, as well as the 2015 Revised Catalogue of Van Briggle Designs by Robert Wyman Newton. When he & I worked on the update from his 1975 edition; we added almost 100 new designs. Of the 953 designs created from 1900-1912, primarily by Artus & Anne; there are about 100 since undocumented! We found 6 sitting on our shelves – so it pays to search the bottom of each piece for the Design # and other info.!

  5. Jennifer Schumaker says

    I have a black swan lamp with Van Briggle Colo Springs and what looks like a C F or CE.. any help?

    • Have you checked the VBPCo Catalogue of VB etcher/designer/potter marks printed on this web site? Brittany Stevenson compiled this information for 50 years of the pottery’s history. Unfortunately, little records remain for the first 50 years!

  6. Sherri Hardy says

    I don’t see the “ MLP” mark of Marge Price”
    I find her in many searches .The piece I have has her mark and also says “ handcrafted”
    Can someone help me with this? Thanks

  7. Melissa Armstrong says

    I have a Van Briggle set with the marking C. I don’t see anything about it…..

    • Clem Hull was a potter who used only a “C” as his mark, and then a conjoined CMH. Both should be in the information under potters’ marks on this web site.

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