April 25, 2024

First 953 Designs

Welcome to the great collaboration for the first 953 designs, created between 1900 and 1912. We would first like to thank all of the wonderful collectors for their contributions and their patience. This project has been a long time coming, and we hope that you will follow our progress.

Our references in addition to the photographs & measurements of personal collections include:  the original hand-drawn designs and notes for many of the first 953 designs, as located in the Van Briggle Art Pottery archives and copied with their permission; and the Catalogue of Van Briggle Designs, by Robert Wyman Newton, which contains information regarding approximately 750 of the first 953 numbered designs.  Designs recognized and catalogued since Newton’s Catalogue of Van Briggle Designs, will be listed as “previously uncatalogued.”

This page is to serve as an index for the design numbers. Please feel free to submit photos, etc. to be used.  Thumbnails are in process for each section. We respect each individual’s or museum’s wishes in crediting the information provided as per their wishes.  There is no distinction among several collectors, each of whom wished to be identified simply as “private collection” and all those indicated as such do not belong to any one single collector.

Designs 1-50

Designs 51-100

Designs 101-150

Designs 151-200

Designs 201-250

Designs 251-300

Designs 301-350

Designs 351-400

Designs 401-450

Designs 451-500

Designs 501-550

Designs 551-600

Designs 601-650

Designs 651-700

Designs 701-750

Designs 751-800

Designs 801-850

Designs 851-900

Designs 901-953

Unidentified Pieces

Legal Disclaimer: All photographs are copyrighted and only reproduced with permission of their owners.

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