June 25, 2024

DEEP SEA GLAZE, furnished by Natalie Unruh

Natalie Unruh furnished these photos from their collections. The bottom markings indicate the vase was produced in 2000.

Dene Kiser was the glazier at that time for VBPCo. Although he refers to the glaze as Sea Green; VBPCo referred to it as DEEP SEA, as shown in the following brochure. It is a rich color glaze, and an early glaze, as it is also the same color as a 1903 Yucca Vase, design #157, owned by another collector.

The brochure tells more about the glaze, DEEP SEA, and that it was recreated in 2000 to introduce the original 1898 Lorelei made by Artus Van Briggle while still in Cincinnati.

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