April 25, 2024

Design #109

Design:  #109 Bowl

Date Designed:  1902

Designer:  unknown

Description:  “Plain design” bowl, covered in soft off-white matte glaze.  Bottom markings include the Double-A, Van Briggle, Colo Spgs, date of 1906 and Design #109; all in the handwriting attributed to Anne Van Briggle.

The inscribed design number, bottom left, is partially obscured by the glaze, and grinding of the edge at manufacture, to level the piece.  

Dimensions:  3 1/4″ height; 5 1/2″ diameter, 2 3/4″ diameter at opening.

Other:  Records by J. Emma Kinkead indicate that all the “plain” designs were made by Ambrose Schlegel. He did so, to keep the pottery producing during times of Artus’ ill health; and between Artus’ death on 7-4-1904, and when Anne returned to designing full-time. “Plain” indicates only that the pot was not further adorned with design of flowers, etc. Ambrose Schlegel’s designs were of perfect dimension, and the glazes magnificent examples of Van Briggle wares.

Collection:  Courtesy of Jim & Natalie Unruh

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