June 18, 2024

Design #144

#144.1 d s sh#144.2 d s sh

Design:  Heart-shaped leaves encircling the rim of the bowl.

Date Designed:  1903

Designer:  Artus Van Briggle

Description:  Blue glaze over chocolate clay, with clay showing through the high points of the design.  Bottom markings are partially obscured with glaze around the rim, which has been ground down at the factory.  The Double-A, Van Briggle, design #144 and date 1906 are all inscribed in the handwriting attributed to Anne Van Briggle.  A “10” is inscribed by hand underneath the date.

Dimensions:  4 ¾” diameter

Other:  The inscribed “10” on the bottom has been referred to by some as a finisher number, although there are no records for finisher names of this period.

Collection:  Darrell and Sandy Schulte

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