July 15, 2024

Design #157

Design:  #157

Date Designed:  1903

Designer:  Probably Anne Gregory Van Briggle

Description:  The glaze is one of the original colors of blue, which resembled the Copenhagen Blue introduced again in 1916; as well as the Deep Sea Blue recreated in 2000 for the remake of the original 1898 Lorelei.  The wider base of the large vase has yucca flower leaves, and the yucca seed pods visible at the top of the vase on two sides.  Bottom markings include the Design #157 impressed, and incised Double-A, Roman Numeral for clay type partially visible and date of 1903. 

Dimensions:  17 1/2″ height

Other:  A portion of the original red & white price sticker remains.

Collection:  Private


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