May 24, 2024

Design #20


Design:  Plate

Date Designed:  1900

Designer:  Artus Van Briggle

Description:  Stylized Poppy Design

Dimensions:  8 1/2″ diameter

Other:  Example is three colors including 2 shades of green as well as brown; dated 1903.  Design #20 impressed as well as date of 1903 and clay type III inscribed in handwriting attributed to Artus Van Briggle.

Collection:  Private

This design is unusual, as it was created in 1900 by Artus Van Briggle, and produced with dates prior to 1904.  After Artus died, and the 1908 Memorial Pottery was in operation; VBPCo designed a series of plates, from 4 1/2″ to 8″; and these were given a different “plate numbered series.”    

The original #20 design was continued in the “plate numbered series” as #12.  The plate below is in a private collection.  It has the Double-A, Van Briggle, Colo. Spgs. marks, with the plate #12 underneath.  These markings are indicative of the 1907-12 production period. 

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