April 25, 2024

Design #204


Design:  #204

Date Designed:  1903

Designer:  unknown

Description:   A design of leaves and flowers resembling poppies encircle the vase; covered in a bright green glaze.  The interior is glazed in a bright red glaze!  Bottom markings are partially obscured by the glaze.  X-ray clearly details the inscription, in the handwriting attributed to Artus Van Briggle; with incised Double-A, Van Briggle, date of 1903, Roman Numeral III indicating clay type; and impressed Design #204.  The 3 “dots” visible in the x-ray; under the “V”, to the right side of the Double-A, and to the right of the Roman Numeral III, are marks from the stilts on which the vase was placed in the kiln for firing.

Dimensions:  4″ height, 4 1/2″ width

Other:  Very desirable first year of production!  There have been several 1903 examples in this dramatic green glaze, which contain a light over spray of red on the design; however, this is the first we have documented with the entire interior sprayed in red glaze for such a dramatic effect. 

As shown, an x-ray is very effective when viewing the base partially obscured by the glaze.  The x-ray is taken down through the top of the piece and only shows the portion of the base illuminated through the size of the opening.  Therefore; a piece with small top opening, would show only the same very small size of the base as top opening.  Due to the x-ray blocked by the edge of this piece; the “2” in Design #204 is obscured by the side of the vase.  The design #204 is confirmed by referencing the 2015 Revised Catalogue of Van Briggle Designs by Robert Wyman Newton.

Collection:   Courtesy of Brian Goldenman 

Note:  Please reference blog on home page with more information about the x-ray process of this magnificent piece!


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