May 24, 2024

Design #222

Design:  #222 B

Date Designed:  1903

Designer:  Possibly Ambrose Schlegel

Description:  Tall, slender vase of plain design, covered in a blue-green glaze.  Bottom markings include Double-A, Van Briggle, date of 1905, Roman Numeral V for clay type; all in the handwriting attributed to Anne Van Briggle.  Design #222 B is impressed.

Dimensions:  9 1/4″ height

Other:  Impressed “B” after the design #222 is indicative of the size of the piece.  Artus Van Briggle followed the same practice as had been used at Rookwood, in that the original design was considered size “C” with 2 larger sizes of “A” & “B” and 2 smaller sizes of “D” & “E.”

Collection:  Private

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