July 15, 2024

Design #25

Design:  #25

Date Designed:  1901

Designer:  Artus Van Briggle

Description:  Tall vase, with examples of fragile Columbine flowers (Colorado’s state flower) encircling the vase.  A rich green glaze covers the vase, with the glaze partially obscuring the bottom markings around the edges.   Bottom markings visible are the Double-A, Van Briggle, date of 1902 and Roman Numeral III indicating clay type; all in the handwriting attributed to Artus Van Briggle.

Dimensions:  Height – 10″  Width – 4″ at widest point

Other:  There is no Design # visible.  It has been recorded that Artus did not begin adding the Design # until the latter part of 1902.  Even with the partially obscured bottom; part of any Design # would probably have been visible, if it had been included.  Because we can see no evidence of one; it is assumed this is probably an example from the early 1902 period.

Collection:  Edmund B. Wodehouse

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