May 18, 2024

Design #26

Design: #26 C shown

Date Designed:  1901

Designer:  Artus Van Briggle

Description:  Spiderwort flower with leaves design. Glazed in a beautiful medium mauve/pink, with some of the light clay showing through the high points of the design. The bottom inscription includes: the date of 1912 to the left of the Double-A; Van Briggle, Colo. Spgs. and the incised Design #26 C. The number 18 shown to the right side of the Double-A was an etcher/finisher number. J. Emma Kinkead recorded in her recollections that she used the number 18.

Dimensions:  5″ height

Other:  The “C” after Design #26 indicates the middle size design produced. Artus started using the same size designations as had been used while he worked at Rookwood Pottery. A & B were larger than C, and when produced; D & E were smaller versions. There were not always 5 sizes of each design.

Collection:  Courtesy of Steve & Rose

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