May 18, 2024

Design #307

Design:  #307

Date Designed:  1905

Designer:  Following Artus’ death in 1904; Ambrose Schlegel was credited with designing most of the “plain” designs.

Description:  A round vase with small top opening.  The color appears to be very close to the Copenhagen Blue that Van Briggle Art Pottery advertised as new in 1916.  The bottom markings include the glazed-over surface, the Double-A logo; as well as the Design #307 and date of 1915 inscribed in the handwriting attributed to Edmund deForest “Ned” Curtis, owner of the pottery that year.  Some refer to his handwriting as the “Ned Curtis scrawl.”

Dimensions:  6 1/4″ height, 8″ width

Other:   The 1916 “Copenhagen Blue” glaze was probably reintroduced from an early formula by Artus Van Briggle.  Design #1  on this website is one of many of the 1901-1903 production years in the same.

Collection:  Photos compliments of Mike Tucker, Van Briggle facebook

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