June 25, 2024

Design #31

Design #31, 1903; Created in 1901 by Artus Van Briggle

Photos Courtesy of JMW Gallery

Bottom Markings #31, 1903, Height 6 7/8″




















Design: #31B

Design:  Poppy Seed Pods

Date Designed:  1901

Designer:  Artus Van Briggle

Description:  Poppy seed pods and stems running the length of the vase.  Thick blue-gray glaze.  Bottom markings with impressed design #31 B, handwriting attributed to Anne Van Briggle, dated 1905 and Roman Numeral V indicating clay type.

Dimensions:  6 ¾” height

Other:  “B” indicates the size.  “C” was the norm, with “A” and “B” as larger sizes and “D” and “E” used for smaller sizes.  This was the same sizing system used earlier by Rookwood Pottery

Collection:  Jerry Hentzle


12-28 124



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