June 18, 2024

Design #314

Design:  314B

Date Designed:  1905

Designer:  Probably Ambrose Schlegel

Description:  A bottle-shaped vase covered with a beautiful brown glaze, and touch of green over spray.  Bottom markings include the inscribed Double-A, Van Briggle, date of 1905 and Roman Numeral X, indicating clay type, all in the handwriting attributed to Anne Van Briggle; as well as the impressed Design #314 B.

Dimensions:  7″ height

Other:  The “B” notation after the design #314 indicates that this size was slightly larger than the original.  

Special Notation:  This is the earliest vase yet documented, which has the honey brown glaze with green over spray – which later became known as Mountain Crag Brown.

Collection:  Tracy Boyce, who so elegantly accented the vase with her hand quilling on a decorative branch!

Design:  #314

Date Designed:  1905

Designer:  Probably Ambrose Schlegel

Description:  Off-white glaze over plain, bottle-shaped vase.  Stated date of 1905.

Dimensions:  7 1/2″ height

Other:  No bottom markings available.

Collection:  Courtesy of Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum


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