May 18, 2024

Design #339

Design:  #339

Date Designed:  1905

Designer:  After Artus Van Briggle’s death on 7-4-1904; the “plain” designs were attributed to potter, Ambrose Schlegel.  Ambrose had been credited with throwing the shapes, in accordance with the directions of basic shape & size given him by Artus and Anne, upon which they created the designs.  There were many “plain” shapes created after Artus’ death, and prior to Anne resuming major designing responsibilities.

Description:  This vase has a slim neck, and increases in width at approximately 2/3 distance down the vase, decreasing in circumference again to a small base.  The vase is covered in a lovely shade of Plum or Dark Pink Glaze, highlighted by what appears to be a Light Green over spray.  The bottom markings include the inscribed Double-A, Van Briggle, date of 1905 and Roman Numeral VX indicative of the clay type; all in the handwriting attributed to Anne Van Briggle.  The Design #339 is impressed.

Dimensions:  4 1/2″ height, 5 1/2″ width at widest portion of the vase

Other:  The Design #339 falls within those created in 1905, referencing the original design drawings by Anne Gregory Van Briggle.  This piece is dated 1905; a coveted first year production of the design.  Earliest production colors recorded include 5 shades of Blues, 5 Shades of Greens, 4 shades of Yellows, 3 shades of Grays, 2 shades of Lavenders, 5 shades of Browns, Black, and 5 shades of Pinks – including Light Pink, Medium Pink, Dark Pink, Mulberry & Dark Plum.  This is perhaps the Dark Plum or Dark Pink, with over spray – a less common color.

Collection:  Photos & permission to use by abigails*antiques

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