July 18, 2024

Design #344

Design: #344

Date Designed: 1905

Designer: Possibly Ambrose Schlegel

Description: Bowl covered in a glaze variation of Golden Brown. Bottom markings include the inscribed Double-A, Van Briggle, date of 1905 and Clay Type Roman Numeral V; all in the handwriting attributed to Anne Van Briggle. Impressed to the right of the Double-A (unusual position) is the Design #344.

Dimensions: 2 3/4″ Height, 7 1/4″ Width

Other: J. Emma Kinkead recorded that all the “plain” designs for a period of time after Artus’ death on 7-4-1904, were attributed to Ambrose Schlegel. This appears to be an usual glaze color – not Mustard, not Brown, perhaps a mixture; for which we will never have a definitive name.

Collection: Courtesy of Greg Mccreary

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