May 24, 2024

Design #350

Design: #350

Date Designed: 1905

Designer: Possibly Ambrose Schlegel; J. Emma Kinkead credited Schlegel with all the “plain” shapes during periods of Artus’ absence due to illness, and after his death on 7-4-1904.

Description: Beautiful “orange-peel” glaze in brownish-orange color. Bottom markings include the inscribed Double-A, Van Briggle, date of 1907 – to the right side of the Double-A ( which is unusual), Roman Numerals VX (which would not have been the clay type thought to have been used in 1907); all in the handwriting attributed to Anne Gregory Van Briggle, as well as the impressed Design #350, and a larger “X” mark in ink. This may indicate the glaze effect was abnormal, or some other abnormality. Of course today, we love it!

Dimensions: 6″ Height, 4 1/2″ Diameter

Other: This piece is dated 1907. It has been theorized by previous authors that the early 1907 pieces were dated; then late 1907 through early 1912 pieces were NOT dated, but had the design number added, the words “Colo. Spgs.” as well as etcher/finisher marks on one or both sides of the Double-A. In latter 1912, it is thought that the date was written to the right side of the Double-A.

Collection: Thanks to Charlie Wollitz, who is generously sending a great number of his photos & details to add to the Catalogue of the First 953 Designs!

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