June 18, 2024

Design #365

Design: #365

Date Designed: 1905

Designer: Possibly Ambrose Schlegel

Description: Flared vase without additional design. The lovely glaze color is a striking shade of brown, with perhaps a hint of green. The bottom markings include the Incised Double-A, Van Briggle, and date of 1905, all in the handwriting attributed to Anne Gregory Van Briggle; as well as the impressed Design #365.

J. Emma Kinkead attributed all the “plain” designs after Artus’ death 7-4-1904, to Ambrose Schlegel. There was a period before Anne and others began designing again, and these “plain” designs kept the pottery in production of additional pieces.

Dimensions: 7 1/2″ height

Other: Dated 1905, the first year of production!

Collection: Photos Courtesy of James Summers

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