May 20, 2024

Design #426

Design:  #426

Date Designed:  1905

Designer:  Ambrose Schlegel has been credited with the “plain” designs following Artus’ death in 1904.

Description:  Beautiful bright green glaze covering the entire surface of the vase and bottom of the vase.  The vase is inscribed with the Double-A, Van Briggle, date of 1905 and mark “1/2”; all in the handwriting attributed to Anne Gregory Van Briggle.  The Design #426 is impressed.  The glaze covering the bottom is partially removed, allowing the chocolate clay underneath to show through.

Dimensions:  9″ height, 4″ width at the widest portion

Other:   The marking “1/2” has not been explained.   It has been seen on prior pieces for which multiple copies of the design were produced.  This vase was produced in 1905, the first year the design was created.

Collection:  Malcolm MacFarlane

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