December 7, 2023

Design #487



Design:  #487 Dragonflies

Date Designed:  1906

Designer:  J. Emma Kinkead left written notes that Anne Van Briggle designed all the dragonflies, except #668 and #686.  

Description:  Four oval divisions to the design, with 4 dragonflies extending to the very top of the rim.  Light blue glaze over chocolate clay; with the glaze pooling in the low areas of design, and chocolate clay showing through the high points of the dragonflies.  Design #487 impressed; other bottom markings incised.  Date 1906 barely visible; bottom has been factory-ground to level. 

Dimensions:  4 3/4″ height

Other:  Bottom markings somewhat mixture of 1906 and later 1907-12 periods.  Design #487 incised as in 1906; “Colorado Springs” added and “swirl finisher mark” as with 1907-12.  However, date of 1906 visible.

Collection:  Private


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