December 6, 2023

Design #489






Design:  #489 Dragonflies

Date Designed:  1906

Designer:  J. Emma Kinkead left records that all dragonfly patterns were created by Anne Van Briggle, except #668 & #686.

Description:  Vase segmented into four oval forms; with 2 dragonflies at top of vase in between each pair of segments.  Crisp detailing of dragonflies.   Bottom markings include impressed Design #489, and incised date of 1906.

Dimensions:  7″ height

Other:   Two glaze colors!  Very light blue glaze over upper portion of vase, with very light pink glaze over lower portion of the vase and showing on the bottom of the vase..  Body of vase is made from chocolate clay; glaze pools in the recesses of the lines of the design; chocolate clay shows through the high points of the design.

Collection:  Private


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