May 18, 2024

Design #522





Design:  #522  Flowers in Panels

Date Designed:  1906

Designer:  unknown

Description:  Yellow glaze (not as bright as mustard) the vase has panels of flowers with stems of leaves.  1913 example has the date incised on the bottom.  Turquoise glaze, a 1930s example, design number and date was no longer written on the bottom.

Dimensions:  1913 example:  4 1/8″ height, 5 1/2″ diameter; 1930s example is smaller  3 7/8″ height and 5″ diameter.  

Other:  The 1913 example has solid handles.  The 1930s example has cut-out open handles.

Collection:  Kathy Honea & Bob Teas





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