May 18, 2024

Design #533



Design:  #533 Dragonflies

Date Designed:  1906

Designer:  J. Emma Kinkead left records that Anne Van Briggle designed all the dragonflies, except for #668 & #686.

Description:  Five dragonflies around the top rim, with lines descending into panels.  Light blue glaze over chocolate clay, with glaze pooling in the depressed lines, and chocolate clay visible on the high points of the dragonflies.  Incised bottom markings are partially obscured, with base factory-ground for leveling.  Portion of 1906 date visible.  

Dimensions:  4″ height, 4 3/4″ width

Other:  The majority of the designs using “chocolate clay” were from the 1906 period, with a few 1907.  When the mouth of the piece is wide enough; x-ray can be used to visualize through the glaze obscuring the bottom markings.

Collection:  Kathy Honea & Bob Teas


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