June 18, 2024

Design #539



Design:  #539

Date Designed:  1906

Designer:  J. Emma Kinkead left records that all dragonflies were designed by Anne Van Briggle, except #686 & #668.

Description:  Bowl with 5 dragonflies encircling the rim.  Glaze is very light green. (color in top photo more accurate than bottom)  Bottom markings include impressed Design #539, and inscribed details in the handwriting attributed to that of Anne Van Briggle.  Dated 1906.  

Dimensions:  2 1/2″ height, 6 1/2″ width

Other:  Markings a mix of what is normally thought with incised Design # from the pre-1907 period; and the addition of “Colorado Springs” thought to have been typically added in 1907-1912 period.  But date is clearly 1906.

Collection:  Kathy Honea & Bob Teas

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