June 2, 2023

Design #543 Previously Uncatalogued

543-2  543-3

(previously uncatalogued)

Design: Poppy flowers and leaves

Date created:  Numerical sequence would place this in 1906.

Designer: unknown

Description: Floral design, perhaps poppies with stems & leaves, repeating four times around the circumference of the bowl.  The clay is a dark chocolate color, with a light application of green glaze sprayed over the piece, with the high points of the design showing through.

Dimensions: Height is 4 ¼”; width across the top is 4 ¼”, flaring slightly to a width of 4 ½” at the base.

Other: Double-A, Van Briggle, Colorado Springs, 1906, 543, all in the handwriting believed to be that of Anne Van Briggle.  A loose number “9” or swirl as well as a number “1” in a circle are to the left of the double-A insignia.

Collection: Kathy Honea and Bob Teas

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