June 18, 2024

Design #562

Design: #562

Date Designed: 1907

Designer: Unknown

Description: Candlestick holder with finger ring, covered in a beautiful royal blue glaze with green over spray. The bottom markings appear to be on the beautiful chocolate clay, most often seen in 1906-1907. Inscribed markings include the Double-A, Van Briggle, Colorado Springs, HTF date of 1907 and Design #562. To the left of the Double-A is a “1” within a circle, to the right, what appears to be a large “6.”

Dimensions: 4″ height, 6″ diameter

Other: This piece is the first documented Design #562 to be cataloged. Previously, the Catalogue of Van Briggle Designs skipped from Design #553 in 1906 to Design #567 in 1907. Because this one is dated 1907, I feel it safe to say it is one of the first, and perhaps one of few examples of this design produced.

Collection: Courtesy of Leo Dolan

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