July 18, 2024

Design #582

Design: #582

Date Designed: 1907

Designer: Anne Gregory Van Briggle

Description: Poppy Seed Pops & Stems covered in a light application of Green Glaze at the top with black streaks, and Blue/Gray at the bottom; with the tan clay showing through the high points of the design. Bottom markings include the Double-A, Van Briggle, Colo. Spgs., with a portion of the Design #582 obscured by the glaze. There are etcher/finisher marks on both sides of the Double-A. The number on the left of the Double-A appears to perhaps be “18” which J. Emma Kinkead-Gress recalled as her number. Typical markings of a 1907-12 design.

Dimensions: Height 7″

Other: There are several poppy pod & poppy flower designs throughout the first 953 designs, by Artus & Anne. J. Emma Kinkead recalled that Anne’s favorite flower was the poppy. A photo remains of Artus & Anne at work at 617 N. Nevada Ave., the first pottery. On the desk is a vase of poppies.

Collection: Courtesy of Charlie Wollitz

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