June 18, 2024

Design #630

Design:  630

Date Designed:  1907

Designer:  Anne Gregory Van Briggle

Description:  Bowl with spade-shaped leaves.  Looking closely; the leaves are almost 2 triangular shaped leaves, each pair separated by a stem downward. Glaze is a beautiful brown with almost fine crystalline yellow over spray.  

Glaze around the edges of the bottom, indicative of the period.  The bottom markings include:

the Double-A, a finisher mark “8”

“Van Briggle,

Colo. Spgs.”

 Date of 1907

A finisher or etcher “swirl” which resembles a number, but is seen often as an etcher or finisher mark.

All in handwriting attributed to Anne Van Briggle.

Dimensions:  5″ diameter, 2″ height

Other: Rare 1907 date.  After Artus’ death in 1904; Anne was struggling to keep the pottery afloat in the small, original location at 617 N. Nevada Ave.  Meanwhile, she was planning and building the new larger location at the SE corner of Uintah & Glen in Colo. Spgs.  She & her previous art student, J. Emma Kinkead, were making more than 5000 tile to cover the new building.  The year of 1907 was extremely busy; and why that date is so difficult to find.

Collection:  Courtesy of Marc Smith

Occasionally, patterns are difficult to discern; either due to the thickness of the glaze; or because some were mismarked by simple human error.  We feel confident that this is an example of #630.

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