May 20, 2024

Design #634

This etching was in a pre-1912 design listing, in the handwriting of Anne Van Briggle. We believe the piece above may have been incorrectly incised as #624. Other such errors have been noted in other Van Briggle Designs – they were only human!

Design: #634

Date Designed: 1907

Designer: Anne Gregory Van Briggle

Description: A pattern of daffodils in full bloom, covered with a spectacular light blue glaze, with the chocolate clay showing through the high points of the design. Bottom markings are the incised Double-A, Van Briggle, Colorado Springs, and Design #624 (?) all in what has been attributed to the handwriting of Anne Van Briggle. Etcher/finisher numbers are on both sides of the Double-A. This marking is indicative of the late-1907 to early-1912 production period.

Dimensions: 6 7/8″

Other: The “chocolate” clay was used most often in late 1905, 1906 and early 1907.

Collection: Courtesy of Frank Raasch

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