July 18, 2024

Design #635 & #635B

Design: #635

Date Designed: 1907

Designer: Anne Gregory Van Briggle

Description: Rare copper-clad vase, with four designs of flowers & stems surrounding the circumference of the vase. The bottom markings include the incised Double-A, Van Briggle, Colo. Spgs. and Design #653; with etcher/finisher numbers “11” and “14” placed to the left and right side of the Double-A. Exquisite detailing on the flower petals!

Dimensions: 5 1/2″ height

Other: An earlier researcher, Lois Crouch, recorded in her notes that she believes these copper-clad and bronze-clad pieces were made with the assistance of an accomplished potter traveling through Colorado- and the name of Clewell was mentioned. We have no method of proof for that attribution; however, all the copper-clad & bronze-clad pieces to date, have been designs attributed to the year 1907. These records of original designs between 1900-1912 were ones kept by Anne Gregory Van Briggle.

Collection: Courtesy of Gary Conover

Design #635B

The inscription on the bottom of this piece has been verified by x-ray. The Design #635B, indicates that it is a size larger than the original #635.

Height: 6″

Collection: Private Collection

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