April 25, 2024

Design #688

688.1 Steve Rose

688.2 Steve Rose

Design:  #688 Butterfly

Date Designed:  1907/08

Designer:  Martha Patton

Description:  Small bowl with design of butterfly on opposing sides.  Bottom markings in handwriting to the pottery owner at the time, Ned Curtis.  Design #688 and date 1915 on top and bottom of the Double-A.

Dimensions:  3 3/4″ height

Other:  The #1 within a circle is a mark thought to be a finisher mark, but it is not none to whom it belongs.

Collection:  Steve & Rose


Pair of Van Briggle Butterfly Lamps!

Two examples of factory- made lamps from the Design #688.  The size is larger than the regular #688.  These are approximately 4″ in width, and 4 1/4″ in height.   The glaze is Moonglo, produced in 1940s to 1960s.  Very difficult to find a matched pair!  

From the Private Collection of Jeff Brooks.  Thank you for sharing!

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