May 24, 2024

Design #69



DESIGNER:  While not documented in the early handwritten records, inscription on bottom is the handwriting attributed to Artus Van Briggle.

DESCRIPTION:  This vase is a bottle shape with small opening, covered in a dead matte glaze of gray tones.  The bottom markings include the oldest-style Double-A, with a flat-top A; the inscribed words “Van Briggle” and “1902”,  Roman Numeral III indicative of clay type used; and the impressed Design #69C.  


OTHER:  The designation of “C” after the Design # was indicative of the size being the middle size, and probably the first.  Artus used the same system that Rookwood Pottery had used when he worked there.  “C” was the middle size, with “A” & “B” being larger, and “D” & “E” being smaller versions.

COLLECTION:  A generous eBay seller, permitting me to use his photos; thanks!

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