June 18, 2024

Design #714

Design: #714A

Date Designed: 1907/08

Designer: Possibly Ambrose Schlegel

Description: Bowl in mulberry glaze. Bottom markings include the Double-A, Design #714A, and date of 1915 all incised in the handwriting attributed to Edmund deF Curtis “Ned Curtis”, owner of VBPCo at the time. His handwriting has been described by others, as the “Ned Curtis scrawl.”

Dimensions: 7 1/4″ width

Other: Designation “A” after the Design #714 indicates that this was the largest size of this design made. Sizes decrease from A to E. Artus Van Briggle had started this practice of marking different sizes of the same design in 1901, using the same descriptions of size that he had seen while working at Rookwood Pottery.

Collection: Courtesy of Scott Slaughterbeck

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