July 18, 2024

Design #726

Design: #726 Covered Jar or Tobacco Jar

Date Designed: 1907/08

Designer: Unknown

Description: Covered Jar or Tobacco Jar. Bottom markings include the Double-A, Van Briggle & Colo. Spgs. From the coloration of the bottom I would estimate 1930s-40s, when they later produced the jar bottoms without the tops.

Dimensions: 5″ Height, 4.5 wide base & 3.75″ top diameter. Covered in Turquoise Ming glaze, this design of vertical spade-shape leaves surrounds the entirety of the vase.

Other: Missing the lid; however, several of the Tobacco Jars were later produced without lids.

Collection: Courtesy of Caleb Burk & Megan Matthes-Burk

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