May 24, 2024

Design #733

Design: #733

Date Designed: 1907/08

Designer: Unknown

Description: Stems encircling the bowl, with leaves flowing horizontally around the top opening. The bowl is glazed in Mountain Crag Brown – so named for the “greens & browns found in a Mountain Crag.” The bottom is a rough, gritty clay indicative of the 1920 production period; with the incised Double-A, VAN BRIGGLE and Colo. Spgs.

Dimensions: 3 1/2″ Height, 5 1/2″ Width


Collection: Private

Other:  VERY unusual in that there is no Double-A, or other markings on the bottom of the piece.  An anomaly – but 100% Van Briggle!

Collection:  Malcolm McFarlane

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