April 25, 2024

Design #762


762.3 Steve Rose

762.2 Steve Rose

Design:  #762 Pine Cone Bowl

Date Designed:  Early written records by VBPCo state 1909.  However; this design was made by J. Emma Kinkead and was presented to Gen. Palmer at the Dedication of the 1908 Memorial Pottery on Dec. 3, 1908.  Perhaps the 1909 was the date the design was placed into general production.  It was produced at least through the first decade of the 20th century.

Designer:  J. Emma Kinkead

Description:  The bowl has pine cones on both ends, with pine needle branches extending toward out toward the center of the bowl.  The bottom shows the markings from the 1908-1912 period.  Two glaze color technique on this piece is especially attractive.

Dimensions:  10″ diameter

Other:   Most of these are glazed in one color; this is exceptional!

Collection:  Steve & Rose

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