June 25, 2024

Design #797

Design: #797

Date Designed: 1909

Designer: Anne Gregory Van Briggle

Description: A large, heavy vase encircled with vertical spade-shaped leaves. The top rim has a small band of clay encircling it. Glaze color is a deep Mulberry

Dimensions: 9″ height


Collection: Bob Upton

Design:  #797

Date Designed:  1909

Designer:  Anne Gregory Van Briggle

Description:  Tall vase with spade-shaped leaves covered in a turquoise glaze.  Some experimentation has been used in a copper or gold-colored additional top coating.  The bottom is a whitish clay, marked only with the incised Double-A, Van Briggle and Colo. Spgs.

Dimensions:  9 1/2″ height, 6″ width, 4 1/2″ diameter top opening.


Collection:  Private collection of Madeline Roberts 

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