May 20, 2024

Design #80

This piece is presented with a strong provenance from original owner; and now owned by a reputable collector.  Although the “Double-A” as we know it, was not used; this design should be included, unless another dissimilar #80 marked Van Briggle surfaces.

Design:  #80

Date Designed:  Previously uncatalogued:  #80 would fall in the production sequence year of 1902

Design:  The design appears to be overlapping leaves & fruits, with the petioles bent to the right.  The signature, including the #80 has been described as conjoined AVB in script with cap.  A then turned over the A becomes a V with the lower case b around the V.  The clay body is a medium tan color with a sandy texture similar to other very early examples.  The glaze is a Matte Cobalt, similar to other 1902 and 1903 documented designs; some glaze pops are evident.

Designer:  Original owner stated this is an experimental by Artus Van Briggle, and one not brought into production.

Dimensions:  6 1/4″ height

Other:  The provenance indicates the original owner of this and other 1902 examples, were purchased directly from Artus Van Briggle.

Other:  This shape is similar to #190 (3″ in 1903 by Artus) and #247 (5 3/4″ in 1904 by Artus) with #247 being the last piece credited to him prior to his death 7-4-1904.

Collection: Edmund B. Wodehouse





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