July 18, 2024

Design #836

Top photo courtesy of Greg & Lana Myroth, Just Art Pottery.

NOTE:  Also see #833, which is very similar.


Photos below courtesy of Greg McCleary


Design:  #836

Date Designed:  1910

Designer:  Possibly Anne Gregory Van Briggle.  Design very similar to her #833.

Description:  Flowers & leaves covered with a lovely green glaze.  Bottom markings include the inscribed Double-A, design #836 and date of 1915; all in the handwriting attributed to Ned Curtis.

Dimensions:  5″

Other:  Also see #833, from JustArtPottery, which appears nearly identical.  #833 and #836 are very much alike.  The last number of the design “6” in “836” appears to have been added later?

Collection:  Greg McCreary



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