June 18, 2024

Design #839


Design:  #839

Date Designed:  1910

Designer:  unknown

Description:  Vase has panels dividing the lower portion; with flowers & petals between the panels around the top neck of the vase.  The design is covered in a Light Teal-colored Glaze, which is lovely pooled in the low points of the design; and the light color clay showing through the glaze on the high points of the design.  Bottom markings include an incised Double-A, Van Briggle, Colo. Spgs., Design #839, and etcher/finisher marks on both sides of the Double-A.  These markings were in use from 1910, the date of this design production, throughout the early half of 1912.

Dimensions:  The vase is 5 1/4″ height, 4″ width at the shoulder, and 2 1/8″ diameter at the base. 

Other:  The #18 inscribed on the left side of the Double-A logo has been attributed to J. Emma Kinkead, as her own recollection of her etcher mark.  She was a meticulous etcher and also designer.   It was the creative etching job that allowed for the pooling of the glaze around the design.

Collection:  Private 

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